100 years — 1200 months –5200 weeks — 36,500 days

876,000 hours — over 52 million minutes — over 3 billon seconds

What a wonderful life you must have lived!!

You were blessed with time to view 36,500 glorious sunrises, enjoy the same number of beautiful sunsets and wonder at an equal number of starlit skies,

To gaze in wonderement at more than 1200 full moons,

To revel in the coming of 100 springs and enjoy in awe the many colors of 100 falls.

No life ever consists entirely of wondereous scenery, laughter, fun and play, and yours must surely have had at least a few rough spots, but living to 100 is testimony that it has been filled with more laughter than tears, more highs than lows and more smiles than frowns.

I am particularly pleased to have the opportunity to wish you a very Happy 100th Birthday and a healthy and pleasant future.

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